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Don’t lose members to a bad joining experience

Get more members with online join that’s a delight, not a pain

What makes Join Together so special?

Put simply, we’re 100% focused on building the gold standard online joining experience for unions. Every union has its own unique needs and requirements. We work with you and your team to tailor the perfect online joining experience for you and your members.

Here are ten reasons your union needs a Join Together online join:

1. Online join that is optimised to get you more members

We sweat the details so that your online join gets you more members: 60% of applicants that start a Join Together join form go on to submit their application. How many extra members would your union have with a form that converted that well?

2. Bespoke forms that handle all the complexities of joining your union

Whether it’s employer/sector-specific questions, complex rate calculation rules, deduction at source, or Direct Debit, the Join Together platform adapts to meet all the specific joining needs of your union.

3. Seamless integration with your existing CRM and processes

Join Together lives in harmony alongside your existing membership system, and is able to automatically feed new applications directly into your CRM ready for your membership team to process. Including Salesforce, Dynamics365, APT Stratum, Wild Apricot and more.

4. Works alongside your website

The Join Together system can be fully customised to fit with your existing brand and website, guaranteeing a smooth user experience for visitors joining your union — from your logo to brand colours, fonts and more.

5. Built to work beautifully on mobile and desktop

With as many as 50% of applicants using a mobile device, you cannot afford to offer a substandard experience to mobile users. Join Together’s forms work perfectly across all devices.

6. Accessible and inclusive by default

Our forms are designed to meet the W3C Web Accessibility guidelines, ensuring everyone — no matter their particular access needs — is able to join your union online.

7. Data ethics & security as standard

Designed from the ground up to minimise the spread and retention of personal data, Join Together protects your data. Automatic encryption and banking-grade security keeps application data safe in a secure, access-managed location. Learn more about our security.

8. A fully hosted and maintained service

We support and maintain the Join Together platform so you don’t have to, ensuring it’s always up to date, secure, and available when your members need it.

9. Fast and scalable

Not only is the Join Together platform designed and built to be lightning fast, it automatically scales up to remain online and responsive, even during busy periods.

10. Fair and transparent union-friendly pricing

We charge a one-time initial design and implementation fee, then a fixed monthly subscription to cover ongoing operations and support. Pricing is based on the expected number of monthly applications: smaller unions with fewer resources pay less; larger ones who use more, pay more, just like they would in a union!

Brought to you by a team that cares about unions

Join Together Co-operative is four technologists with a passion for the union movement, and a combined eight decades’ experience delivering world class online web services. Learn more about the team.

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