Join Together

We started Join Together as a co-operative with a focus on helping unions address the technology challenges we’ve seen them face over the years. And though we’re not “organisers” in the traditional sense (well, one of us is!) , we’ve come to see ourselves playing a similar role.

Our mission is to make it easier to join — and stay a member of — unions. We created software that gives people a better online joining experience to help unions recruit more members, get bigger — and win.

John Chadfield

Product Manager

John is an active trade union organiser. He has years of product design and strategy expertise from working with clients across the public and private sectors, from startups and blue-chip corporates, to NGOs and healthcare. John started leading member-facing trade union projects in 2017, and has since worked on tech interventions for unions with the TUC’s Digital Lab.

Sam Jeffers

Service Design

Sam brings digital leadership and service design skills that have delivered joining journeys and tens of thousands of new members for a wide range of unions. He also leads work on the TUC’s Digital Lab. Alongside these, he’s also the founder of Who Targets Me, which researches how political ads impact democracy.

Tekin Süleyman


Tekin has delivered public-facing digital services as Technical Lead for GOV.UK, The Co-op, the Department for Education and Crown Commercial Service. With Russell, Tekin is designing and building the core platform for Join Together.

Russell Garner


Russell has been developing public-facing services for around 25 years. He has built products for GOV.UK, Crown Commercial Service, a number of trade unions, and was a member of the Technical Design Authority. Working with Tekin, Russell is designing and developing our core platform.