Join Together

It shouldn’t be hard to join a union. So Join Together:

  • Offers a simple and accessible application process
  • Only asks for what you need to know
  • Only shows the steps the member needs to see
  • Uses words anyone can understand
  • Makes it quick and respects people’s time
  • Lets people pay for their membership in the way that suits them best
  • Helps people recruit their colleagues
  • Works as well on a phone as a computer

Join Together features:

  1. Beautifully designed forms that use your brand
  2. Mobile-friendly and accessible design
  3. Union specific features such as subs rate calculators and employer lookups
  4. Integration with common union CRM systems such as MS Dynamics, Salesforce, ClearCourse
  5. Payment via Direct Debit, deduction at source and credit card
  6. Automated “resume application” feature for people who don’t complete their application in one sitting
  7. Built-in analytics and reporting showing conversion rates, top employers and member lifetime value

Every union has its own unique needs and requirements. We work with you and your team to tailor the perfect online joining experience for you and your members.

The Communication Workers Union Bakers Food and Allied Workers Union Writers Guild of Great Britain Forsa the Irish Trade Union Trade Union Congress