Join Together


Join Together builds high-converting union join forms that get you more members. If a prospective member arrives at a Join Together form, they’re more likely to end up a member. Over time, this results in many more members, and much more money for the union. If the form is bad, it’ll leak potential members, resulting in a union that’s smaller - and poorer - than it might have been. So… start with the form.

Ok, so I have a great join form. What now?

Well, you want to drive more traffic to your form. Ideally high-quality traffic - people who work in jobs and industries you represent, who are at least somewhat aware of and sympathetic to the ways a union might help them.

So how do I drive this traffic?

Quite simply, you need to create as many opportunities as you can for people to click a link that lands them on your join page. Many unions — like many organisations — are a bit too shy about selling themselves. You’re doing your work, but you’re forgetting to tell people how and why they should join. Don’t be.

So, with all that in mind, here’s a helpful checklist.

How you can use your owned channels (your site, social media, emails)

And remember…

You might be able to do everything on the checklist, but if your join form converts only 50% of the people it should, you’re losing out. Get in touch for a demo and chat about how Join Together can help you get more members and subs.